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What Makes our Saffron So Great?

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Zafferano Emiliano experience begins in 2017. We had no previous experience but, driven by our curiosity and by our passion for good food, we studied all the phases to cultivate and process the spice. We started with a small cultivation for our own use and, after the “experiment” was successful, we decided to make it

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HARVEST 2021-2022

Saffron is one of the most precious and expensive spice in the world, and that is the reason why its
nickname is “red gold”. It derives from the flowers of Crocus Sativus: flowers only have three threads each and they have to be harvested and plucked by hand. It takes about 150.000-180.000 flowers to get a
kilogram of dried product. Our saffron is lab tested to certify the quality of the product.

analisi zafferano biologico
analisi zafferano biologico - vendita zafferano in stimmi
analisi zafferano biologico - vendita zafferano in stimmi


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