Zafferano Emiliano experience begins in 2017. Given our passion for good food , we were overcome with curiosity: we had no previous experience in agriculture, but after spending some time studying all the different phases of cultivation and the processing of the spice, we decided to buy some bulbs to start a little cultivation for personal use. The “experiment” was successful, so we decided to get bigger!

In 2018 we selected bulbs from an Italian organic certified producer, and we tested them into an open field but the final product was not for sale: we decided to gift it to some local restaurants to have it tested. We decided to follow the rules of organic agriculture, a method of agricultural production which exalts the natural fertility of the soil ecosystem and the healthiness of the products without using synthetic products such as fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We use the help of machinery to prepare the soil and to plat the bulbs, but the harvest and containment of weeds are exclusively handmade. From mid-October to mid- November, every morning we wander through the field to harvest the flowers, which are still closed and covered with dew: we pick them up, then pluck them to remove the spice. The threads are then dried and packed.

We are already planning next year work: we created a brand,”Zafferano Emiliano”, and in 2019 we will expand our saffron production and sell our final product via our e-commerce. We have also applied to achieve the European certification in organic agriculture, in order to offer our customers the best possible product.

Follow us and our project!

Zafferano Emiliano - Claudia Casadio

Mrs. Claudia Casadio

I am Romagnola from Faenza and now Piacenza- based. Advocated a healthy
organic food and I really want to take my passion to this ambitious project of mine.