Lemon and saffron drizzle cake

torta al limone e zafferano

September is a month of new beginnings… after the summer break we have to go back to our usual routine, and there is nothing better than a piece of cake to cheer us up. This spongy cake combines the “sparkling” taste of lemon with the more intense flavour of saffron. This lemon and saffron drizzle […]

Special welcome promotional code


To give you a warm welcome and to show you that we are interested in you tasting our saffron, we have created a special welcome promotional code for all our customers. The promotional code is valid on all our products and allows you to get a 10% discount on your first order. In order to […]

Italian Saffron Producers Association

Zafferano Emiliano Claudia

According to our choice of offering you a top quality product, we have decided to join the Italian Saffron Producers Association, Zafferano Italiano. Zafferano Italiano is a non-profit association established in Perugia in August 2012, which aims at the protection and the promotion of saffron produced on italian soil. Zafferano Italiano is driven by the […]

Penne lisce pasta with saffron


Surfing the net, I found on the website of the “Cucchiaio d’Argento” the recipe for these penne lisce (smooth) pasta with saffron. It was part of a collection aimed at “redeeming” the penne lisce pasta which, according to the memes circulated in recent days on the looting of supermarkets due to the psychosis of Corona […]