Vegetable lasagna with saffron bechamel

After so many sweet recipes, today I share the recipe for a pasta dish that I made yesterday for dinner. These vegetable lasagna with saffron bechamel were created to use those vegetables left in the fridge, and I must say that we really enjoyed the flavored bechamel! INGREDIENTS: Mixed fresh vegetable – I used 2 […]

Saffron Bavarian cake

saffron bavarian cake

To start the week in a sweet way, today I suggest you a very scenographic recipe: a saffron Bavarian cake with a crunchy biscuits and nuts base, pomegranate coulis and caramel decorations. It takes quite a long time to make it, but your effort will leave your guests speechless! This recipe was created especially for […]

Saffron swirl cookies

girelle allo zafferano

As this morning I was homebound, I decided to spend my time in the kitchen doing some culinary experiments… I was inspired by the italian January issue of “La cucina italiana”, where there is a report entirely dedicated to biscuits, and I modified the recipe of the two-colored matcha tea swirl cookies, replacing the matcha […]

Ricotta and saffron custard tart

Today is Blue Monday, or the saddest Monday of the year … How about cheering up the day with a fragrant dessert? I suggest you this ricotta and saffron custard tart: the recipe was created especially for us by Chiara, also from Piacenza and owner of the Instagram account @gira_ilmestolo . Enjoy this tart! Ingredients […]

CO2 emission free website and shipments

co2 emission zero

Mission accomplished: CO2 emission free website and shipments. Today we are we are excited to present our latest collaboration! When we founded our company, we never doubted that ours should have been a low environmental impact project, in full respect of nature. We chose to devote ourselves to saffron because we liked the idea of […]