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Claudia in the Kitchen: Pisarei e Fasò

claudia in the kitchen pisarei faso

Welcome back! Today, due to bad weather, I had to postpone work in the fields, so I propose a new cooking video. As with the piadina video, we still stay in Emilia Romagna, but this time I’ll take you to discover a dish from the Piacenza gastronomic tradition: “Pisarei and Fasò.” Maybe some of you […]

Claudia in The Kitchen: Piadina Romagnola


Hello everyone, farmers and cooking lovers! Today I wanna share with you a very special video on my YouTube channel. This is my culinary adventure in the preparation of Piadina Romagnola, a traditional and delicious dish that represents the heart of Romagna. Piadina is a tipe of flat bread, the most traditional dish of Romagna. […]