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Techniques, innovation and growing saffron methods

Special welcome promotional code


To give you a warm welcome and to show you that we are interested in you tasting our saffron, we have created a special welcome promotional code for all our customers. The promotional code is valid on all our products and allows you to get a 10% discount on your first order. In order to […]

Italian Saffron Producers Association

Zafferano Emiliano Claudia

According to our choice of offering you a top quality product, we have decided to join the Italian Saffron Producers Association, Zafferano Italiano. Zafferano Italiano is a non-profit association established in Perugia in August 2012, which aims at the protection and the promotion of saffron produced on italian soil. Zafferano Italiano is driven by the […]

CO2 emission free website and shipments

co2 emission zero

Mission accomplished: CO2 emission free website and shipments. Today we are we are excited to present our latest collaboration! When we founded our company, we never doubted that ours should have been a low environmental impact project, in full respect of nature. We chose to devote ourselves to saffron because we liked the idea of […]

Counterfeit saffron and its price


According to the European Commission, spices fall into the category of the most counterfeited food products: as early as the 1st century AD. the Latin writer Pliny said of saffron “There is nothing that is falsified as much as this”. In Italy, unfortunately, it is not compulsory to indicate the origin of the product on […]

Saffron cover crop

Pacciamatura viva zafferano, saffron cover crop

After investing a lot of time last year to contrast the weeds, this year, according to our resolution to follow the principles of organic agriculture, we decide to invest in a cover crop for our saffron cultivation. Usually, cover crops are used primarly to slow soil erosion, and to avoid the loss of nutrients caused […]