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Saffron recipes and use of spice proposed by Claudia of Zafferano Emiliano to enhance the quality of this fantastic spice in your kitchen!

Lemon and saffron drizzle cake

torta al limone e zafferano

September is a month of new beginnings… after the summer break we have to go back to our usual routine, and there is nothing better than a piece of cake to cheer us up. This spongy cake combines the “sparkling” taste of lemon with the more intense flavour of saffron. This lemon and saffron drizzle […]

Penne lisce pasta with saffron


Surfing the net, I found on the website of the “Cucchiaio d’Argento” the recipe for these penne lisce (smooth) pasta with saffron. It was part of a collection aimed at “redeeming” the penne lisce pasta which, according to the memes circulated in recent days on the looting of supermarkets due to the psychosis of Corona […]

Vegetable lasagna with saffron bechamel


After so many sweet recipes, today I share the recipe for a pasta dish that I made yesterday for dinner. These vegetable lasagna with saffron bechamel were created to use those vegetables left in the fridge, and I must say that we really enjoyed the flavored bechamel! INGREDIENTS: Mixed fresh vegetable – I used 2 […]

Saffron Bavarian cake

saffron bavarian cake

To start the week in a sweet way, today I suggest you a very scenographic recipe: a saffron Bavarian cake with a crunchy biscuits and nuts base, pomegranate coulis and caramel decorations. It takes quite a long time to make it, but your effort will leave your guests speechless! This recipe was created especially for […]

Saffron swirl cookies

girelle allo zafferano

As this morning I was homebound, I decided to spend my time in the kitchen doing some culinary experiments… I was inspired by the italian January issue of “La cucina italiana”, where there is a report entirely dedicated to biscuits, and I modified the recipe of the two-colored matcha tea swirl cookies, replacing the matcha […]