CO2 emission free website and shipments

co2 emission zero

Mission accomplished: CO2 emission free website and shipments. Today we are we are excited to present our latest collaboration!

When we founded our company, we never doubted that ours should have been a low environmental impact project, in full respect of nature. We chose to devote ourselves to saffron because we liked the idea of a crop that, despite all the improvements in technology, was still almost completely manual: despite the effort, it is a joy to get to the end of the day knowing that you have put into your work your whole passion and commitment.

From the start, we worked to achieve the organic certification of our products. We were not scared of not being able to use herbicides, because our goal is to offer an organic and high quality product.

For our products, we have chosen a packaging made with recyclable and plastic free materials: glass, cork and cardboard.

co2 emission zero website

Could we therefore ignore the problem of the emissions caused by the shipments of our products? Obviously not! We decided to reduce the impact we are having on the environment by resetting the level of CO2 emissions generated by our website and our shipments both in Italy and in Europe. Today we are proud to announce that we reached our goal of having CO2 emission free website and shipments by joining the urban forestation campaign promoted by Rete Clima and the CO2 Web project.

CO2 emssion ZERO 2020 Shipment

Next steps are to make our business increasingly zero-impact by continuing the collaboration with Rete Clima, and implementing the project of exploiting renewable energy for our future processing and packaging laboratory.

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