Earthworm Humus: the Secret to Perfect Soil

humus di lombrico earthworm humus

Are you passionate about gardening and agriculture? Then you have surely heard of earthworm humus and how important it is for the soil. In this article, we’ll discover how it improves soil structure, retains water, promotes soil life, and nourishes your plants.

1. What is earthworm humus
Earthworm compost is a dark, nutrient-rich material that is produced by earthworms when they eat organic waste. It’s like gold to gardening and farming enthusiasts, because it has everything the soil desires.

2. How earthworm humus is formed
Earthworm compost is created by the process called vermicomposting. Earthworms eat organic waste such as leftover food and leaves, and then digest it into small nutritious bits. Earthworm humus can also be obtained with manure, preferably horse manure. During this magical transformation, earthworms release special enzymes that aid in decomposition and the creation of humus.

3. The benefits of earthworm humus for the soil
Earthworm humus brings many benefits to the soil, for example:

Improves Soil Texture: Adding earthworm compost to the soil makes it softer and easier to work with. It’s like placing a soft blanket over your soil bed, the plant roots will find it cozy and grow happily.

Holds water where it’s needed: Wormwood is like a magic sponge that holds water in the soil and gradually releases it to the roots.

Increases soil biodiversity: Earthworm droppings are an invitation to a party for the microorganisms in the soil. It helps create a perfect environment for beneficial bacteria and fungi that work hard to keep the soil healthy. It’s like a happy community in your backyard!

Feed your plants with love: Plants love earthworm compost because it contains all the nutrients they need: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and many other little gifts to make them grow strong and beautiful.

4. How to use earthworm compost in your garden

Earthworm humus is a perfect ally for gardeners or those who take care of a vegetable garden. Here are some ways to use it in your garden:

Mix the earthworm compost into the soil before planting new plants.
Spread a thin layer of earthworm compost on the surface of the soil to feed your plants.
Make compost using earthworm compost as the main ingredient.
Create natural fertilizers for your plants using earthworm compost.

5. Dosage and application of earthworm humus
The dosage and application of earthworm humus depends on your plants and soil. In general, you can follow these guidelines:

To improve existing soil, mix in 10-20% earthworm humus.
For new plantings or transplants, add 1-2 handfuls of earthworm humus to the planting hole.
For plant pots or raised beds, spread a thin layer of worm castings over the surface and mix it lightly with the soil.
To make compost, use earthworm compost as the main ingredient mixed with other organic materials.
Remember to adapt the dosage to the needs of your plants and follow the instructions for best results.

6. Precautions and advice
When it comes to using earthworm compost, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure you buy earthworm compost from reputable sources to get a quality product.
Store earthworm compost in a cool, dry place to keep it fresh and ready to use.
Avoid using worm castings from toxic or contaminated waste.
If you have any allergies or concerns, consult an expert before using earthworm compost.

Last year we created a home worm composter with the aim of using the humus obtained in our garden. After building a structure of about 1 square meter in volume, we bought the earthworms online and, from March to September, we took care of them, feeding them with horse manure and being careful to keep the manure in the composter always moist. The result was amazing: we obtained a black soil rich in nutrients, which we then poured over the garden (including earthworms!) and left it to rest all winter. This year, when it was time to transplant the new seedlings into the garden, we immediately noticed the difference! We were so thrilled with the result that we decided to repeat the earthworm experience, so we ordered new earthworms and started all over again! However, if you don’t have the space, the time or the desire to try your hand at this enterprise, I inform you that earthworm humus can be easily purchased online. It exists both in a solid version (humus itself) and in a liquid version, suitable as a fertilizer for plants.

Earthworm humus is the secret to perfect soil. With its many benefits, such as improving soil texture, water holding capacity, promoting soil life and plant nutrition, earthworm compost can make a real difference in your garden. Make the most of this precious organic treasure and enjoy the extraordinary results you will achieve.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, I’ll be happy to answer them! Don’t forget to follow us also on our Instagram and Facebook pages!



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