Effective cleaning of the Saffron Field with the shredder

saffron field cleaning shredder

Have you ever wanted to take a closer look at what happens inside a saffron farm during the cleaning and maintenance phases? If yes, then our new YouTube video is just the thing for you!

In our latest video entitled “Effective cleaning of the saffron field with the shredder: Claudia at the lead!”, we will take you on a unique adventure inside our saffron field.

In the video you will see me driving while I carry out the final cleaning of the land before the start of the harvest. When I transplanted the saffron bulbs into the field they are still in now in 2020, I had sown ryegrass as a cover. I needed the ryegrass to have, when harvesting the saffron flowers, a “green carpet” that would cover the ground and prevent the formation of puddles in case of rain. Over time, unfortunately, the ryegrass has been replaced by weeds. At the moment they perform the function of covering the field: I realized that they did not disturb the development of the bulbs, so I left them. I usually clean the saffron field twice a year: in June, when the saffron is now dry and I don’t risk ruining it, and in September, before the harvest begins. For next year I’m deciding whether to sow ryegrass again or another type of lawn grass.

So, if you are an agriculture enthusiast, a curious chef or simply interested in finding out what happens behind the scenes of saffron production, don’t miss our video “Effective Cleaning of Saffron Field with the Shredder: Claudia at the Guide!”.

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