Fertilization in Organic Farming with Mature Horse Manure

fertilization in organic farming manure

Hello to all friends of agriculture! In this video I show you fertilization in organic farming, exploiting the power of mature horse manure. And what better way to do it than to show you directly how the work is done in my company?

In an era where sustainability and respect for the environment are at the heart of our choices, organic agriculture is gaining ground thanks to its benefits for both the soil and our health. Fertilization plays a fundamental role in this context, and mature horse manure is an extraordinary ally that nature offers us.

We live in an age where sustainability is a keyword, and organic agriculture is at the forefront of respecting the environment and the health of crops. Despite the problems that can arise from not being able to rely on the latest chemical discoveries for fertilization and weed control (see my failure with wheat), the choice of a healthier and more environmentally friendly agriculture is always the improve. Fertilization is an important piece in this mosaic, and mature horse manure is emerging as a true ally for attentive and knowledgeable farmers.
On my YouTube channel, a series of videos begins in which I will show the work I will be carrying out in the coming months: fertilizing the soil with horse manure, the subsequent burial including an initial tillage and all the steps up to sowing. In this video, I take you and my tractor to the fields to see how the fertilization is done.

Mature horse manure is also an excellent choice for home gardens or house plants: it can be found for sale in all shops or online stores that sell gardening products. Not only does it return valuable nutrients to the soil, but it works in harmony with nature, helping to improve soil structure and promoting healthy and vigorous plant growth. Even the burial of crop residues, in my case wheat straw residues, contributes to enriching the amount of organic matter present in the soil. Preparation and application are the keys to unlocking the full potential of mature horse manure, and in the video you will see the whole process in action.

We are in an era in which every choice we make can make a difference, and organic farming represents a conscious and responsible method of cultivation.

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