Italian Saffron Producers Association

Zafferano Emiliano Claudia

According to our choice of offering you a top quality product, we have decided to join the Italian Saffron Producers Association, Zafferano Italiano.

Zafferano Italiano is a non-profit association established in Perugia in August 2012, which aims at the protection and the promotion of saffron produced on italian soil. Zafferano Italiano is driven by the purpose of guaranteeing the customers the maximum traceability of the product. They keep in contact with the associated producer to check that they follow the rules of the statute for the cultivation and processing of saffron. The association also aims at collecting data of the total production, because, at national level, these statistical data are missing.

We decided to join the Italian Saffron producers association because we are proud of our work, because we want to give our customers the maximum transparency and traceability of the product we sell, and because we think that is right to support the work of those companies that are committed to providing a product whose quality is certain and certifiable in every step.

As always, for any information or question, do not hesitate to contact us via social networks or our contacts page.

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