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Hi everyone! After a long absence, I am getting back to these pages to update you on the latest news coming in this 2022.

The saffron harvest in October and November 2021 went well. We again relied on the laboratory of the Università della Montagna in Edolo (BS) for qualitative analyzes: once again this year our product was of 1st quality. It is a result that fills us with pride and that we never take for granted: in a job like that of the farmer, in which a lot depends on factors that cannot be controlled (see rain, drought, frost, etc.), it is always necessary to realize that something can go wrong.

We have reactivated our online store by entering the availability of the new packs: if you haven’t tasted our saffron yet, this is the right time to buy it!

Over the next few months there will be other news around here. We have decided to give a different imprint to this site, developing the section relating to the blog with the addition of recipes and cooking tips not only concerning saffron: we are in fact working on a restyling of our brand with the idea of ​​expanding our production by creating a new product line.

At the same time, we decided to start collaborating with other companies in the area, to offer our customers a wider choice of quality gastronomic products.

Keep on following us also on our Instagram page to stay up to date and informed about the latest news!


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