Minimum Soil Tillage: First Discing

minimum soil tillage discing

Hello to all farming enthusiasts! Today I want to introduce you to the latest purchase I made for my company: a new disk drive, which will allow me to carry out minimal tillage on my land.

Minimum soil tillage is a methodology that aims to disturb the soil as little as possible, adopting processes that allow the seedbed to be prepared with the least number of passages in the field. Instead of turning the soil deeply, as happens with traditional processes such as ploughing, we intervene only superficially, in the first 15 centimeters or so. This means less disturbance to soil structure, less erosion and better conservation of organic matter. The result is healthier soil and greater sustainability. The minimum tillage is generally carried out well in advance of the sowing period, when the main purposes are the degradation of the crop residue, the adoption of false sowing and a control of specific weeds.
In the first part of the video I present the disk (which I paid in full, it is not a sponsored one), illustrating its characteristics and performance. But the real magic happens when I take this machine out into the fields… In fact, in the second part of the video, I take you with me on the tractor, to directly test how the disc brake works in the field. I will show you how to bury manure and crop residues precisely and efficiently. Here you can find the video of the manure spreading. This is the heart of minimum tillage: optimizing operations without compromising soil health.

Sustainability and efficiency are at the heart of this technique, and I’m excited to show you how we can apply it in practice. So, if you’re curious to see minimal tillage in action, and you want to find out who “the Beast” is (spoiler: it’s not me!), don’t miss this video.

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