Prices increase on the site…or rather not!

prezzi aumentano o no prices increase

Our most loyal customers will have already noticed the change in prices in our catalog.

So? Prices go up everywhere and so do ours, too?


Well, not really:

Due to the generalized price increases caused by the well-known inflation, regarding especially material costs and fuel increases, we have been forced to adjust the prices in our catalogue: you can now find the updated prices in the shop.

However, to meet our customers needs, we have decided to absorb most of the shipping costs: the fixed contribution for shipping costs – valid only for Italy – thus goes from € 7.00 to € 2.99 and free shipping remains unchanged for orders of a higher amount. at €45.00.

Basically we have made sure that at the closing of the order the total price including shipping is actually lower than before, at least for the smaller packs that do not benefit from free shipping:


Price 2021/22 pack of 0.4 grams of saffron:

€11.00 + €7.00 (shipping fee) = €18.00

Updated price pack of 0.4 grams of saffron:

€15.00 + €2.99 (shipping) = €17.99

The price update has also been designed to align our shipping policies with those of the much more important Amazon.

And what does Amazon have to do with it?

Well it has something to do with it also and above all with the second part of this update.

In fact, the other novelty is the new trademark that we have developed and already registered with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.


“Un pizzico di… Prodotti di qualità” (which translates as “A pinch of… Quality products”) is the brand that we have chosen to support Zafferano Emiliano and which will gradually replace it. It will not be strictly connected to saffron, so it can also be used to market new delicacies produced by our farm.

Our new brand will soon land on the Amazon platform with our larger packs of saffron of 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams and with our herbal teas, with a dedicated Store (which requires a registered trademark) in order to give more and more people the opportunity to get to know our products.

The conditions of sale will be the same as on our site and we will always take care of the shipment to the customer.

During this year we will manage this transition while maintaining the double brand while from 2024 we plan to ferry the site to the new domain

What do you think of this change? Leave me your comments below…

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