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Saffron chicken nuggets

Pollo zafferano saffron chicken

While I was looking for inspiration for new dishes to offer you, I came across several recipes in which saffron was combined with chicken meat. Chicken is one of the most popular white meats and, thanks to its delicate taste, lends itself well to being flavored in different ways. This recipe for saffron chicken nuggets […]

Saffron potato gnocchi

gnocchi di patate allo zafferano saffron potato gnocchi

I have a confession to make: I can’t make potato gnocchi! I know the theory, I have read dozens of different recipes and tricks to get the perfect consistency, but every time I find myself with a too sticky dough and the fear that it will melt in cooking … Luckily it never happened, but […]

Mimosa Cake

torta mimosa

In my house, March 8th is synonymous with mimosa cake. It is probably an obvious choice, but we like it a lot so there is no better way to celebrate something than treating yourself to a dessert you like! For the sponge cake I always use the recipe of my grandmother Emma, ​​my paternal grandmother. […]


Vendita Zafferano in Stimmi - Vendita Zafferano in Pistilli - Zafferano Emiliano

Hi everyone! After a long absence, I am getting back to these pages to update you on the latest news coming in this 2022. The saffron harvest in October and November 2021 went well. We again relied on the laboratory of the Università della Montagna in Edolo (BS) for qualitative analyzes: once again this year […]

New 2020 harvest

new 2020 harvest

After a year-long wait, the saffron from the new 2020 harvest has arrived in our online shop. Saffron harvesting is concentrated in the period that goes approximately from mid-October to mid-November. The bulbs, which are generally planted in early September, flower only once a year. In order to best preserve the qualities of the spice, […]