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Claudia in the Kitchen: Pisarei e Fasò

claudia in the kitchen pisarei faso

Welcome back! Today, due to bad weather, I had to postpone work in the fields, so I propose a new cooking video. As with the piadina video, we still stay in Emilia Romagna, but this time I’ll take you to discover a dish from the Piacenza gastronomic tradition: “Pisarei and Fasò.” Maybe some of you […]

Claudia in The Kitchen: Piadina Romagnola


Hello everyone, farmers and cooking lovers! Today I wanna share with you a very special video on my YouTube channel. This is my culinary adventure in the preparation of Piadina Romagnola, a traditional and delicious dish that represents the heart of Romagna. Piadina is a tipe of flat bread, the most traditional dish of Romagna. […]

Effective cleaning of the Saffron Field with the shredder

saffron field cleaning shredder

Have you ever wanted to take a closer look at what happens inside a saffron farm during the cleaning and maintenance phases? If yes, then our new YouTube video is just the thing for you! In our latest video entitled “Effective cleaning of the saffron field with the shredder: Claudia at the lead!”, we will […]

Growing Saffron: the Transplant Period


Growing Saffron: the Transplant Period If you are considering growing saffron, this is the ideal time to transplant the bulbs. The best time to plant saffron bulbs is in late summer or early fall, typically late August to early September. This timing allows the bulbs to establish their root system in time for mid-October flowering, […]

Minimum Soil Tillage: First Discing

minimum soil tillage discing

Hello to all farming enthusiasts! Today I want to introduce you to the latest purchase I made for my company: a new disk drive, which will allow me to carry out minimal tillage on my land. Minimum soil tillage is a methodology that aims to disturb the soil as little as possible, adopting processes that […]