Zafferano Emiliano herbal teas

Afrodite tisana drenante draining herbal tea zafferano emiliano

Happy 2023 to everyone!

I haven’t been here for a bit too long, but, as always, the last few months of the year are the most chaotic, since they are the months in which the harvesting and processing of saffron is concentrated.

This year on the shop, in addition to the new packs of saffron from the 2022 harvest and the dried saffron petals (which were snapped up last year), you will find something new: the brand new line of herbal teas from Zafferano Emiliano.

The girls from L’Alambicco herbalist’s shop have formulated for us a line of 5 products, 4 herbal teas and a tea, in which the dried petals of Zafferano Emiliano saffron are mixed with other aromatic plants creating a unique combination of flavours. The herbal teas and the tea are designed to be enjoyed both hot and cold, so they are suitable for any season of the year: hot, for a cuddle during these winter months, or cold, to enjoy a tasty break during the warmer months .

Having to think of a name for each one, I decided to associate each flavor with the name of a Greek deity.


The goddess of beauty, this herbal tea containing ingredients that promote the drainage of liquids is dedicated to her. Goji berries, sweet orange peel, peppermint, nettle, birch and horsetail combine with the petals of our saffron in this blend with a slightly fruity taste. It’s the ideal herbal tea to sip to soothe guilt after Christmas binges… if you want to get back in shape, however, it’s better to focus on diet and exercise! Among the ingredients there are also stevia leaves, a natural sweetener; therefore, it is not essential to add sugar to sweeten.

Artemide tisana digestiva digestive herbal tea zafferano emiliano


I associated the hunting goddess with a strong-tasting herbal tea: ginger and licorice roots, together with lemon balm, fennel and saffron petals, can help in case of swelling and difficult digestion. It’s a perfect herbal tea after a meal, but you can also drink it throughout the day, and it’s excellent both hot and cold. Contains licorice, so please avoid excessive consumption in case of hypertension.

Dafne tisana rinfrescante refreshing herbal tea zafferano emiliano


The association of the figure of Daphne with the herbal tea designed to give a touch of freshness was immediate: what better character to combine than a nymph of waters and streams? In this pleasant blend, the petals of our saffron are mixed with fennel, mallow, peppermint and lavender. Excellent as an after meal, it is perfect at any time of the day. I recommend trying it cold as a refreshing drink on summer days.

Hypnos tisana rilassante relaxing herbal tea zafferano emiliano


The presence of chamomile among the ingredients of this herbal tea could only recall Hypnos, the god of sleep. In this blend, chamomile flowers, lavender and the petals of our saffron are combined with linden and hawthorn to promote restful sleep. We suggest you to enjoy a cup of this herbal tea it in the evening, before going to bed, or whenever you feel the need to take a break from the frenzy of your days.

zeus the bancha zafferano bancha tea with saffron zafferano emiliano
Zeus – The Bancha con Zafferano


Last – but not least – is Zeus, the Zafferano Emiliano tea. A blend composed of Bancha tea, saffron petals and stigmas. Bancha is a delicate Japanese green tea, with a round and pleasant taste. Its naturally low theine content makes it suitable for the whole family. Bancha means “ordinary”, precisely because it can be consumed throughout the day. Saffron pistils help to enrich it in taste and in its natural antioxidant properties. The recipe for this tea was originally designed with cold infusion, to be able to savor it even during the warmer months, but nothing prevents you from drinking a nice steaming cup in these winter days.

I hope that you will like theZafferano Emiliano herbal teas as much as we do. Try them then let me know what you think!